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To travel to London for the Circle of Security® - COS-P™ training is one thing, and to make this amazing program accessible to the Israeli audience is another thing. It demanded a lot of boldness, determination and even a bit of Israeli Chutzpe. From the moment we discovered, in the first days of the course, that the program relies a lot on videos and these are in English, we decided that we will do everything in order to translate it to Hebrew and make it accessible to everybody, even to those who are less fluent in English.

While attending the Circle of Security® course in London, we spoke with Professor Bert Powell, the course lead and a co-founder of the Circle of Security® program, and brought up the idea of translating the program to Hebrew. The translation process commenced following several conference calls, and many e-mails. We conducted the first two courses in Israel, to participants who had a good enough English, and did not need the translation. while conducting the courses, we realized that there are some words whose interpretation in Hebrew is not straight forward. We have made a list of those words and the group members provided their own words and thoughts to these words. It took long joined sessions with the US COS® team to agree upon the right interpretation to these words. From that point, the Elrom studios took the lead in embedding the translations into the videos and handouts. This was a fascinating experience! The dream has come true!!! –

The Circle of Security Parenting® program is accessible now to the Israeli Audience!!! By this, we are joining other non-English speaking countries, for which this program is available such as Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Romania and more. We would like to first and foremost thank the COS® International team for supporting us in making this happen. A Special thanks to Professor Bert Powell and his colleagues for bringing the COS® vision to the world, to Mrs. Angie Dierdorf for her efficient and high quality assistance throughout the translation process, to Miriam, from Elrom studios, who assisted in the translation process, to Professor Avi Sagi from Haifa University, who has been translating the Circle graphics into Hebrew for over a decade (thanks to him, the Circle and attachment theory are recognized by universities in Israel in all psychology and education departments) and to Dr. Tirtsa Joels, who introduced the Circle to us during our Master degree and made us fall in love at first sight with this model.

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